Barrow Sports Neurologist Monitors for Concussions at Super Bowl 55

Barrow Neurological Institute sports neurologist Dr. Javier Cárdenas, one of the nation’s leading experts on sport-related concussion, served as an Unaffiliated Neurotrama Consultant on the sideline at Super Bowl 55 in Tampa.

The NFL added sideline consultants for every game in 2013 for in-game diagnosis and treatment of concussions. Dr. Cárdenas, director of the Barrow Concussion and Brain Injury Center at Phoenix’s Barrow Neurological Institute, can discuss the protocols for evaluating and, in some cases, removing a player with an apparent concussion. The process often generates massive media attention, as was the case when Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes was pulled from a recent playoff game.

“In the event of an injury or a potential injury, we evaluate on the sidelines or, more often, in the locker room,” says Dr. Cárdenas, who received the COVID-19 vaccine before traveling to the game.

This was the third time Dr. Cárdenas served as a Super Bowl consultant; he was on the sidelines for the 2015 Super Bowl in Glendale and served as a press box observer at the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis.

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