Barrow Offers Outreach Program for Hispanics With Parkinson’s

During his six years in the Marine Corps, Celso Otero had learned to hide his emotions. “I came from an environment where that’s how you show weakness, if you cry or tell them you’re hurt,”…

Barrow Parkinson’s Patient, Wife Say DBS Surgery Changed Their Lives

This article features a Barrow patient whose surgery was streamed live online as part of our efforts to advance the knowledge and practice of medicine in the neurosciences. Surgical video is a valuable educational tool…

Acoustic Neuroma Patient Hopes to Raise Awareness With Live Surgery

When 65-year-old Carolyn O’Brien of Gilbert, Arizona began having balance problems two years ago, she blamed the aging process. The overwhelming fatigue that followed was probably related to her stubborn viral infection, she thought. After…

Young Norwegian Man Travels to Barrow for Aneurysm Surgery

Neurosurgeons at Barrow Neurological Institute have successfully treated a very complex brain aneurysm from a 35-year-old man from Norway, preventing the golf ball-sized malformation from rupturing and sparing his life. Before traveling to the U.S….

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