Dr. Rita Sattler’s PhD Research Paved Way for Promising Stroke Drug

For the first time, a clinical trial has shown that a drug might be able to directly protect nerve cells in the brain from dying during a stroke. Research suggests the average person loses 1.9…

Meet Parkinson’s Researcher Dr. Fredric Manfredsson

Fredric Manfredsson, PhD, knew as an inquisitive child that he wanted to become a scientist, but he somewhat fell into the field of Parkinson’s disease. “It’s tremendously gratifying because there’s so much we don’t know…

Barrow Neurosurgeon to Study Rewiring of Brain in Diabetes

Barrow neurosurgeon Dr. Zaman Mirzadeh has received a three-year, $1.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to study whether the brain can be rewired to normalize blood sugar levels in people with type…

Barrow to Participate in First Platform Trial for ALS

Every 90 minutes, someone learns they have ALS and another person dies from the disease. People with ALS live about two to five years on average, and existing medications can only moderately slow the progression….

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