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The Barrow Difference

The Barrow Difference – Gamma Knife & Radiosurgery Center

The Gamma Knife & Radiosurgery Center at Barrow Neurological Institute is world-renowned radiosurgery treatment center with a trailblazing history. The center is home to a suite of radiosurgery and radiation therapy technologies, giving our clinicians greater flexibility in customizing the optimal treatment for each patient.

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Pioneers in Radiosurgery

In 1997, Barrow Neurological Institute became the first institution in Arizona to offer Gamma Knife radiosurgery. Then, in 2003, we became the first center in the Southwest to implement CyberKnife. This new technology allowed us to broaden the scope of patients eligible for radiosurgery at the Institute, as CyberKnife is not limited to lesions of the skull. Lastly, in 2019, Barrow made headlines as the first institution in the world to treat a patient using the ZAP-X gyroscopic radiosurgery system.

High Patient Volume

The Department of Radiation Oncology at Barrow treats more than 1,000 neurological patients each year. Our state-of-the art Gamma Knife & Radiosurgery Center is one of the busiest in the country, treating nearly 400 patients annually with the Gamma Knife system alone.

Team of Experts

The Gamma Knife & Radiosurgery Center is home to world-class radiation oncologists, neurosurgeons, and neuro-otologists who are trained in radiosurgery. Because vascular abnormalities and tumors may require a combination of treatments, these experts also work together on each patient’s treatment plan.


Barrow Neurological Institute is dedicated to advancing the treatment of neurological diseases through research. This includes basic, translational, and clinical neuroscience research in tumors and vascular abnormalities.

Barrow Second Opinion

If you have been diagnosed with a tumor or a vascular lesion at another facility and are unsure which treatment option is best for you, consider requesting a second opinion from our experts. With the online Barrow Second Opinion portal, getting a second opinion is fast, easy, and secure. Our experts will review your case and recommend the best course of treatment in 7 to 10 business days.