Objectives At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to: 1) Describe all major anatomical structures of the temporal bone from four perspectives (posterior cranial fossa, middle cranial fossa, lateral surface structures, intra-temporal). 2) Perform lateral skull base surgical approaches and identify key visual-spacial relationships pertinent to the treatment of neoplastic, neurovascular, and infectious disorders. 3) Demonstrate surgical proficiency operating under high powered microscopy within the confines of the temporal bone and in using various otologic micro-instrumentation.
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    2019 Temporal Bone Course

    Registration is now open!

    May 10-11, 2019
    Leonard Goldman Auditorium
    2910 N. 3rd Avenue  |  Phoenix, Arizona
    See Facility Map

    The temporal bone constitutes one of the most anatomically complex locations in the human body. For numerous disorders relevant to neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists, the lateral skull base presents a considerable hurdle when planning surgical approaches. For this reason, a comprehensive knowledge of the complex three dimensional anatomy of this region is vital for surgical residents and fellows in training. The principle aim of the Annual Lateral Skull Base Congress is to provide comprehensive, hands on training for the safe and efficient completion of lateral skull base approaches involving the temporal bone. After a successful inaugural session in May 2018, the second annual congress is being opened to a national audience of senior neurosurgical residents, neurosurgical skull base fellows, and neurotology fellows. Attendees will benefit from a timely lecture series by Barrow experts, world-class cadaveric dissections on preserved whole heads, use of clinical grade operative microscopes, and direct mentorship from board certified skull base surgeons.

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