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  • Microsurgery Skullbase Techniques

    Enhancement of Skills in Microneurosurgery of Cranial Base Lesions

    Course Overview

    This intensive two-day course is specifically designed for neurosurgical residents to enhance their skills in microneurosurgery of cranial base lesions. This course will emphasize hands-on laboratory training with a limited number of participants in order to maximize learning from cadaveric dissection and interaction with expert faculty. The curriculum will cover the spectrum of anterior, central, middle, and posterior skull base approaches and techniques. Case examples and discussions will also help the participant understand the indications, advantages and disadvantages of employing the various cranial base techniques in their practice.

    Course Objectives

    At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

    1. Describe the indications for and operative mechanics of the extradural approach to the cavernous sinus and its advantages/disadvantages for approaching lesions in the cavernous sinus and pericavernous region.
    2. Discuss the utilization of the Anterior Transbasal Approach and understand the operative exposure possible from the base of the clivus to the anterior cranial fossa.
    3. Identify the anatomy of the temporal bone through practice of the Anterior Transpetrosal Approach and the Retrosigmoid Trans- and Suprameatal approaches. Also, improve understanding of the utility of these approaches in managing petrous and petroclival lesions.
    4. Improve understanding of the Foramen Magnum region pathologies and surgical approaches.
    5. Be familiar with indications for and operative mechanics of Far Lateral approaches.

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