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    Bioskills Facilities and Education in Phoenix, Arizona

    Bioskills Laboratory
    2910 North 3rd Avenue
    Phoenix, Arizona 85013

  • (602) 406-3268
  • Fax: (602) 406-4153
  • About

    The Bioskills Laboratory at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona is a world class, full service research and education center performing R&D, education, and training for corporate, academic, and professional medical-surgical entities using cadaver and live procedures.

    • Perform testing and development with companies or other institutions producing and developing new medical technology with support of cadaver tissue and animal surgery
    • Direct conferences, smaller courses and teaching sessions, corporate sponsored functions, or Barrow neurosurgery department events held at national and international meetings
    • Focus and coordinate efforts in neurosurgery research at Barrow Neurological Institute and St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
    • Plan, supervise, coordinate, and expedite the research efforts of neurosurgery residents, fellows, and visiting scholars while on research rotations
    • Conduct research projects with other departments including neurobiology, neuro-oncology, neurology, neurochemistry, neuroradiology, trauma, cardiology, cardiac surgery and pediatrics
    • Support and collaborate with academic institutions, bioengineering, support for industry (small and large companies)
    • Full cadaver tissue capabilities
    • Complete tissue preservation, cerebrovascular infusion, and anatomical dissection laboratory

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    Need to stay connected? No problem. We have a 35-person conference room with full videoconferencing capability, a 250-person auditorium with 3D projector, and an additional 150-person lecture/banquet hall.

    Get started Surgical Research and Development

    We offer preclinical research and development facilities for a wide range of medical devices and surgical techniques.


    “Our facility is unique, our projects we carry out are unique, our experience is unique, so industry and institutions come from all over the world here—there are no other facilities in Arizona (and very few in rest of the country) that do what we do for neurosciences.”

    —Dr. Mark Preul, Director


    About Barrow Neurological Institute
    Since our doors opened as a regional specialty center in 1962, we have grown into one of the premier destinations in the world for neurology and neurosurgery. Our experienced, highly skilled, and comprehensive team of neurological specialists can provide you with a complete spectrum of care–from diagnosis through outpatient neurorehabilitation–under one roof. Barrow Neurological Institute: Discover. Educate. Heal.