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Translational Bioimaging Research

Noninvasive imaging is an integral element of patient management, providing readouts on disease localization, severity, progression, and treatment response.

While anatomic and morphologic imaging techniques are the mainstay of conventional imaging, Dr. Quarles’s research group pursues and leverages advances in imaging technology, contrast mechanisms, and contrast agents to develop targeted bioimaging methods that are specifically sensitive to a tissue’s underlying biological, microstructural, and molecular features. Clinically, such methods offer improved disease staging, prognostication, surgical guidance, and therapy stratification and response assessment. The integration of conventional tissue analysis (e.g., histology, genomics, proteomics) and bioimaging provides a multiscale and multiparametric strategy for serial mechanistic explorations of disease development and accelerating drug discovery.

Our research emphasizes the synthesis of ideas and technologies across biology, clinical outcomes, engineering, physics, and statistics to more effectively and coherently address unresolved clinical challenges. We have ongoing projects that focus on topics such as brain cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, neurodegeneration, and muscular dystrophy.

Chad Quarles, PhD
Chad Quarles, PhD
Professor, Imaging Research

Contact Information

C. Chad Quarles, PhD
Professor and Chair
Division of Neuroimaging Research
Director, Barrow Neuroimaging Innovation Center
Barrow Neurological Institute
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
350 West Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 406-3484