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    Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Program

    NPH Experts in Phoenix, Arizona


    The Barrow Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) Program is a multidisciplinary team at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center designed to provide comprehensive evaluation, diagnostic testing, and treatment for patients with this disease. The team conducts patient care conferences, supports collaboration between clinical and research specialists, and facilitates educational programs to advance the diagnosis and treatment of this disease process.

    The NPH team includes specialists and collaborators from the following areas:

    • neurology
    • neurosurgery
    • neuropathology
    • neurorehabilitation
    • neurological research
    • physical Therapy
    • neuroradiology
    • nursing
    • neuropsychology

    Through team review of medical records, radiographic tests, and other diagnostic examinations, a treatment plan is fashioned to meet each patient’s specific needs.

    The Barrow NPH team is dedicated to the continuity of care of each individual throughout the course of treatment, including discharge planning and correspondence with other physicians involved in the patient’s care.

    Learn More about the Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Program at Barrow

    Call 1-888-793-4075.