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  • About Skull Base Surgery

    When do you need a skull base specialist?

    Skull base specialists focus on treating patients with tumors of the skull base, that is, near the base of the brain, behind the eyes, and in the nasal cavity. Some of the common diseases that skull base specialists at Barrow treat include tumors such as:

    • meningiomas
    • craniopharyngiomas
    • schwannomas
    • esthesioneuroblastomas
    • chordomas
    • nasal cancer

    We also treat other conditions, such as spinal fluid leakage from the nose.

    Our skull base specialists work as a team to provide subspecialty expertise to help you. The Barrow Skull Base Team, one of the most experienced in the world, consists of neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, ear, nose, and throat specialists, plastic surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, and other specialists.

    Patient treatment is individualized and may include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or observation depending on your unique condition.


    What is skull base surgery?

    Skull base surgery is a type of specialized surgery performed by a team of physicians to treat tumors and other diseases located at the base of the brain, behind the eyes, or in the nasal cavity. There are many types of surgical procedures that can be performed.

    The specific surgical procedure or treatment regimen recommended is tailored for you based on your unique situation. In general, there are two broad categories of procedures:

    • One type includes performing surgery through the nostrils, so that patients do not have a scar after surgery.
    • The other type is performed by making an incision in the scalp hidden in the hairline.

    The team of specialists involved in the procedure depends on the unique requirements of the procedure, but is likely to include a neurosurgeon and an ear, nose, and throat specialist.


    How can we help you?

    To find out more about the Barrow Skull Base Center or to tell us about your treatment needs, please call (602) 406-2596.

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