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  • Heidi Jahnke, RN, MSN

    Research Nurse Clinician

    Heidi Jahnke is a research nurse clinician with over 23 years of experience conducting neuroscience research at Barrow. She began her clinical research career at Barrow by working with physicians to establish the Barrow Stroke Center and managing several stroke research trials.

    She is a life-long resident of Arizona and received her nursing degree from the University of Arizona. She began her nursing career in the adult intensive care unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. She has three children and enjoys spending time with her family in her spare time. Her hobbies include gardening, fly fishing, hiking, skiing, and attending college and professional baseball games.

    For the past several years, Heidi has worked with doctors at the Barrow Pituitary Program to implement and conduct clinical research on pituitary diseases.

    Education & Training
    • MS, Nursing, University of Phoenix, 2004
    • BS, Nursing, University of Arizona College of Nursing, 1982
    • BA, University of Arizona, Liberal Arts, 1981
    Selected Publications
    1. Little AS, Jahnke H, Nakaji P, Milligan J, Chapple K, White WL. The anterior skull base nasal inventory (ASK nasal inventory): a clinical tool for evaluating rhinological outcomes after endonasal surgery for pituitary and cranial base lesions. Pituitary. Oct 26 2011.
    2. Abla AA, Zabramski JM, Jahnke HK, Fusco D, Nakaji P. Comparison of two antibiotic-impregnated ventricular catheters: a prospective sequential series trial. Neurosurgery. Feb 2011;68(2):437-442; discussion 442.
    3. Prendergast V, Hallberg IR, Jahnke H, Kleiman C, Hagell P. Oral health, ventilator-associated pneumonia, and intracranial pressure in intubated patients in a neuroscience intensive care unit. Am J Crit Care. Jul 2009;18(4):368-376.
    4. Frey JL, Jahnke HK, Goslar PW. Study of the propensity for hemorrhage in Hispanic Americans with stroke. J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. Mar-Apr 2008;17(2):58-63.
    5. Jahnke HK, Zadrozny D, Garrity T, Hopkins S, Frey JL, Christopher M. Stroke teams and acute stroke pathways: one emergency department’s two-year experience. J Emerg Nurs. Apr 2003;29(2):133-139.
    6. Jahnke HK. An 89-year-old woman with angioedema during t-PA infusion for acute ischemic stroke. J Emerg Nurs. Apr 2003;29(2):142-144.
    7. Frey JL, Muro GJ, McDougall CG, Dean BL, Jahnke HK. Cerebral venous thrombosis: combined intrathrombus rtPA and intravenous heparin. Stroke. Mar 1999;30(3):489-494.
    8. Frey JL, Jahnke HK, Bulfinch EW. Differences in stroke between white, Hispanic, and Native American patients: the Barrow Neurological Institute stroke database. Stroke. Jan 1998;29(1):29-33.
    9. Jahnke H. Experimental ancrod (Arvin) for acute ischemic stroke: nursing implications. J Neurosci Nurs. Dec 1991;23(6):386-389.

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