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  • Stephen Coons

    Stephen Coons, MD


    Dr. Stephen Coons’ principal research interest is in translating the results from basic research in the molecular genetics of brain tumors to clinical applications in the pathology laboratory. He also provides neuropathology support for a wide variety of projects directed by Barrow staff neurosurgeons, neurologists, residents, and fellows.

    Dr. Coons received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Yale University in 1978. He received his medical degree from the University of Arizona College of Medicine in 1983. He completed his pathology residency at the University of Arizona and a Neuropathology fellowship at Barrow Neurological Institute. He joined the staff at Barrow in 1989 and has been Chief of the Section of Neuropathology since 1996.

    Dr. Coons has published more than 20 chapters or review articles and more than 70 peer-reviewed papers related to nervous system tumors and other neurological topics.


    Education & Training
    • Fellowship, Barrow Neurological Institute, Neuropathology, 1987-1989
    • Residency, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Pathology, 1983-1987
    • MD, University of Arizona College of Medicine, 1983
    • BS, Yale University, Chemistry, 1978
    Professional Memberships
    • American Association of Neuropathologists
    • American Association for Cancer Research
    • Society for Neuro-oncology
    • American Society of Clinical Pathologists
    • Arizona Medical Association
    • Arizona Society of Pathologists
    • International Society of Neuropathologists
    • Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology Editorial Board
    • American Association of Neuropathologists Program Committee
    • American Association of Neuropathologists Awards Committee
    • International Society of Neuropathologists Awards Committee
    • American Association of Neuropathologists Program Committee
    • Clinical Research Review Committee, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
    • Human Specimen Committee, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
    Honors and Awards
    • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, University of Arizona Alumnus Member, 2007
    • Weil Award, Honorable Mention, American Association of Neuropathologists, 1990
    Selected Publications
    1. Buckner JC, Shaw EG, Pugh SL, Chakravarti A, Gilbert MR, Barger GR, Coons S, Ricci P, Bullard D, Brown PD, Stelzer K, Brachman D, Suh JH, Schultz CJ, Bahary JP, Fisher BJ, Kim H, Murtha AD, Bell EH, Won M, Mehta MP, Curran WJ Jr. Radiation plus Procarbazine, CCNU, and Vincristine in Low-Grade GliomaN Engl J Med. 2016 Apr 7;374(14):1344-55.
    2. Stuart JE, Lusis EA, Scheck AC, Coons SW, Lal A, Perry A, Gutmann DH. Identification of gene markers associated with aggressive meningioma by filtering across multiple sets of gene expression arrays. J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. Jan 2011;70(1):1-12.
    3. Sankar T, Delaney PM, Ryan RW, Eschbacher J, Abdelwahab M, Nakaji P, Coons SW, Scheck AC, Smith KA, Spetzler RF, Preul MC. Miniaturized handheld confocal microscopy for neurosurgery: results in an experimental glioblastoma model.Neurosurgery. Feb 2010;66(2):410-417; discussion 417-418.
    4. Pfisterer WK, Nieman RA, Scheck AC, Coons SW, Spetzler RF, Preul MC. Using ex vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy to reveal associations between biochemical and biological features of meningiomas. Neurosurg Focus. Jan 2010;28(1):E12.
    5. Hu LS, Baxter LC, Pinnaduwage DS, Paine TL, Karis JP, Feuerstein BG, Schmainda KM, Dueck AC, Debbins J, Smith KA, Nakaji P, Eschbacher JM, Coons SW, Heiserman JE. Optimized preload leakage-correction methods to improve the diagnostic accuracy of dynamic susceptibility-weighted contrast-enhanced perfusion MR imaging in posttreatment gliomas. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. Jan 2010;31(1):40-48.
    6. Killory BD, Ponce FA, Wait SD, Coons SW, Rekate HL. Endoscopic intraventricular biopsy of infundibular Langerhans cell histiocytosis: case report. Neurosurgery. Jul 2009;65(1):E214-215; discussion E215.
    7. Hu LS, Baxter LC, Smith KA, Feuerstein BG, Karis JP, Eschbacher JM, Coons SW, Nakaji P, Yeh RF, Debbins J, Heiserman JE. Relative cerebral blood volume values to differentiate high-grade glioma recurrence from posttreatment radiation effect: direct correlation between image-guided tissue histopathology and localized dynamic susceptibility-weighted contrast-enhanced perfusion MR imaging measurements. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. Mar 2009;30(3):552-558.
    8. Shaw EG, Berkey B, Coons SW, Bullard D, Brachman D, Buckner JC, Stelzer KJ, Barger GR, Brown PD, Gilbert MR, Mehta M. Recurrence following neurosurgeon-determined gross-total resection of adult supratentorial low-grade glioma: results of a prospective clinical trial. J Neurosurg. Nov 2008;109(5):835-841.
    9. Kim do Y, Fenoglio KA, Simeone TA, Coons SW, Wu J, Chang Y, Kerrigan JF, Rho JM. GABAA receptor-mediated activation of L-type calcium channels induces neuronal excitation in surgically resected human hypothalamic hamartomas. Epilepsia. May 2008;49(5):861-871.
    10. Gonzalez LF, Lekovic GP, Eschbacher J, Coons S, Spetzler RF. A true malignant schwannoma of the eighth cranial nerve: case report. Neurosurgery. Aug 2007;61(2):E421-422; discussion E422.

    View complete list of publications on PubMed

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