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  • Second Opinion: What to Expect

    How does the Barrow Neurosurgical Second Opinion Program work?

    What is a second opinion?

    A second opinion is a brief statement made by a physician regarding a diagnosis or proposed procedure that you have already been given. Please note that a second opinion is not intended to replace an in-office consultation or full neurological examination.

    Step 1: Tell us about yourself

    Please start by giving us your contact information and telling us the main reason for contacting us. You will have an opportunity to give us your current symptoms, a brief medical history, and any additional pertaining information. Our doctors can only base your second opinion on the information provided here along with your diagnostic imaging.

    Step 2: Show us what is wrong

    • After you complete the initial information gathering phase, you will be directed to our secure upload site. This page will allow you to securely upload diagnostic images to our doctors for evaluation.
    • You will be able to upload diagnostic images from a CD provided by the imaging facility. The images will be shared only with our neurosurgeons and clinical staff at Barrow Neurological Institute.

    PLEASE NOTE: Current diagnostic imaging, corresponding radiologic reports, and any additional information requested by the program coordinator, depending on the diagnosis, is required for you to be eligible for the Barrow Neurosurgical Second Opinion Program.

    Step 3: Get your recommendations in 7-10 business days or less

    • After we receive your request, diagnostic images and any additional information required, we will assign for review by our neurosurgeons so they may formulate a recommendation. Once done, we will add the report with the physician’s recommendations to your account using our secure second opinion portal and notify you when the report is ready for viewing.
    • You are not obligated to pursue our recommended course of treatment at Barrow or any other institution. However, if our physician offers surgical intervention and you are interested in scheduling a consultation with that physician here at Barrow, the contact information will be provided in the report.

    NOTE: Turnaround time is from the time we receive the required documentation and diagnostic imaging.

    What will my second opinion look like?

    Your second opinion will arrive in a pdf file. It will contain a short statement from one of our neurosurgeons with their recommendations. The surgeon will state if they recommend surgical intervention, any other form of treatment, or if they believe you are not a surgical candidate.

    What not to expect

    • Our surgeons will base your second opinion on your diagnostic images, radiology reports, symptoms, and any additional information requested. They are able to base their opinion solely on the materials you provide.
    • You should not expect an in-depth and lengthy explanation of your diagnosis as you would during a face-to-face consultation. Rather, our neurosurgeon will express his or her opinion on your diagnosis or proposed treatment and offer some brief guidance regarding what your next steps should be.
    • If you have an inquiry that is not neurosurgical, or you have any questions on whether you are a candidate to receive a second opinion, you may call (602)406-3396. We would be happy to answer your questions or refer you to the correct department.

    About Barrow Neurological Institute

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