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    Barrow Neurosurgeon Leads Nation in Deep Brain Stimulation

    Just five years since Barrow Neurological Institute pledged a powerful commitment to one of the most exciting treatments in modern medicine, a neurosurgeon at Barrow has become the nation’s leader in the life-changing procedure. Called…

    Dr. Michael Waters Named Director of Barrow Stroke Program

    Barrow Neurological Institute has named Michael Waters, MD, PhD, as the director of its Stroke Program and Neurovascular Division. Dr. Waters is a nationally prominent and respected stroke physician and scientist who joined Barrow from…

    Concussions Impact Nearly 1 of 3 Arizona 12th Grade Athletes

    Almost one-third of Arizona high school senior athletes report they have sustained a concussion, according to the first statewide concussion-related study of teenagers conducted for Barrow Neurological Institute. With the kick-off of another football and…

    Pioneering French Doctor Set Enduring Standard for Humane Treatment

    Researchers at Barrow Neurological Institute have traced the roots of humane medical practices to a pioneering French physician who treated people with deformities as humans instead of “monsters,” as they were commonly called. The physician,…