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    Robert H. Chamberlain Memorial
    Biomechanics Fellowship

    Robert Chamberlain

    Robert H. Chamberlain, MS
    Research Technician

    The Spinal Biomechanics Laboratory offers a one-year fellowship in biomechanics to international surgeons or surgeons-in-training. The position runs from July 1 through the following June 30 and pays a monthly stipend.

    Interested applicants should send their curriculum vitae and a cover letter describing their proposed course of study to Dr. Brian Kelly for consideration.

    Current Biomechanics Fellows

    Former Biomechanics Fellows

    • 2016-2017

      Ram Kumar Menon
      Kerala, India

    • 2013-2015

      Hector Soriano-Baron
      Mexico City, Mexico

    • 2012-2013

      Nestor Rodriguez, MD
      Mexicali, Mexico

    • 2011-2012

      Luis Pérez-Orribo, MD
      Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

    • 2010-2011

      Marco Túlio Domingos Silva e Reis, MD
      Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    • 2009-2010

      Felix Dominguez Cortinas, MD
      Mexico City, Mexico

    • 2008-2009

      Ali A. Baaj, MD
      Tampa, Florida

    • 2007-2008

      Bruno C. R. Lazaro, MD
      Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    • 2006-2007

      Mehmet Senoglu, MD
      Kahramanmaras, Turkey

    • 2005-2006

      Sam Safavi-Abbasi, MD
      Hannover, Germany

    • 2005-2006

      Seref Dogan, MD
      Bursa, Turkey

    • 2004-2005

      Zafer Yüksel, MD
      Kahramanmaras, Turkey

    • 2003-2004

      Adolfo Espinoza-Larios, MD
      Hermosillo, Mexico

    • 2002-2003

      Hakan Bozkus, MD
      Istanbul, Turkey

    • 2001-2002

      Luis E. Perez-Garza, MD
      Tampico, Mexico

    • 1999-2001

      Sung Chan Park, MD
      Seoul, South Korea

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