Argentina Woman Travels to Barrow for Spinal Cavernoma Surgery

Eleven days after submitting her daughter’s medical information to Barrow neurosurgeons through the institute’s online Second Opinion Program, Teresa de Stefano of Argentina received what she called “magic words” from Dr. Michael Lawton. He believed…

Barrow, ASU Announce Initiative for Innovation in Neuro-Engineering

Barrow Neurological Institute and Arizona State University have announced a partnership to bring innovative solutions to patients with complex neurological diseases. The Barrow-ASU Initiative for Innovation in Neuro-Engineering will create a new class of physician-engineers…

St. Louis Teen Recovers from “Inoperable” Spinal Tumor at Barrow

(PHOENIX – Dec.18, 2018) – Neurosurgeons at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix have successfully removed a rare and complex spinal lesion from a 17-year-old St. Louis girl, eliminating her prognosis of becoming a permanent paraplegic….

Barrow Study Shows How Nicotine May Promote Brain Aneurysm Rupture

While studies have shown that cigarette smoking increases the risk of rupturing a brain aneurysm, the underlying molecular and cellular processes have not been well understood. A recent Barrow Neurological Institute study published in Stroke…

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