Center for Transitional Neuro-Rehabilitation Celebrates 30th Year

The Center for Transitional Neuro-Rehabilitation (CTN) is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an open house for patients, families, and neuro-rehabilitation professionals.

The CTN was created to help people regain their independence and re-enter the community after suffering a traumatic brain injury or stroke, as well as to provide support for their family members.

“The ultimate goal of CTN is to help patients become independent in the home and community, establish satisfying relationships with their families and friends, and become productive members of society,” said CTN Clinical Director Pamela Klonoff, PhD. “Patients in CTN learn to function as a milieu, a cohesive community of patients and therapists working collaboratively toward their neuro-rehabilitation goals.”

Since the center opened in 1986, it has helped more than 800 people return to productive, fulfilling lives.

“At the open house, the patients and their families will have the opportunity to catch up with old peers, families, and therapists; share their successes and accomplishments; and check out innovations in treatment and new therapeutic techniques at CTN,” Dr. Klonoff said.

Attendees will also have the option of being part of a research study by answering questionnaires. The study aims to explore the long-term outcomes of people who participate in the neuro-rehabilitation programs at CTN at Barrow Neurological Institute.

The CTN’s neuro-rehabilitation programs include the work re-entry program, school re-entry program, transitional program, fast-track program, and refresher program. The treatment team consists of specialists in neuropsychology, speech-language pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and recreational therapy. Psychiatric and dietician consultants are also available as needed.

“CTN therapists address patients’ needs in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary manner, including their cognitive, communication, emotional, physical, and social functioning to facilitate the best possible recovery,” Dr. Klonoff said.

Open House

What: Center for Transitional Neuro-Rehabilitation 30-Year Reunion Open House

When: Friday, Oct. 21 from 9 AM to 7 PM and Saturday, Oct. 22 from 1 PM to 7 PM

Where: Center for Transitional Neuro-Rehabilitation, 222 W. Thomas Rd., Suite 401, Phoenix, Arizona, 85013

Who: Former and current CTN patients, families, and rehabilitation professionals

RSVP: Call 602-406-3473, or email or Please include the time and date you plan to attend, as well as the number of guests you will be bringing.

Refreshments and appetizers will be served.


What: 2016 Center for Transitional Neuro-Rehabilitation Symposium: A 30-Year Retrospective of Holistic Milieu Therapy

When: Saturday, Oct. 22 from 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Where: Sonntag Pavilion, 350 W. Thomas Rd., Phoenix, Arizona, 85013

Who: The intended audience includes current and future neuro-rehabilitation professionals, such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, recreational therapists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists.

For more information and to register, click here.