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Department of Translational Neuroscience

Our Mission

Welcome to the Department of Translational Neuroscience at Barrow Neurological Institute. Scientists with our department perform basic and translational neuroscience; investigating the mechanisms and pathways regulating normal brain and spinal cord function and discovering the pathobiology of disease and new treatments for neurological disorders.

Research in neurobiology includes tumor biology, receptor function and structure, neuroinflammation, methods of drug delivery, neurodegenerative diseases, trauma, and imaging. We work closely with clinicians to develop and improve effective treatments for patients with neurological diseases.

We have a joint PhD training program with Arizona State University and offer many training opportunities for postdoctoral fellows. Our faculty are national leaders in their respective fields and, together with our trainees, actively collaborate with scientists located throughout the country and around the world.

Robert Bowser, PhD
Robert Bowser, PhD
Deputy Chief Scientific Officer
Chair, Translational Neuroscience



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