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Department of Clinical Neuropsychology

Our Mission

The Department of Clinical Neuropsychology at Barrow Neurological Institute is dedicated to the neuropsychological testing, evaluation, and rehabilitation of people with all spectra of neurological disease.

We work closely with the departments of neurosurgeryneurology, and neuroradiology to make sure that our patients get the correct diagnosis, as well as to establish a baseline of neurocognitive function that can be evaluated after treatment or during the course of disease progression. We also evaluate patients for organ transplantation and patients with medical conditions affecting cognition.

We are also the home of a dedicated neuropsychology residency program that trains postdoctoral students in the intricacies of neuropsychological practice.

Finally, we are very much a part of commitment to and culture of research here at Barrow. Our faculty and students are actively involved in basic science research, clinical trials, and collaborative projects with other institutions.

Our department is chaired by Dr. Alexander Tröster.

Alexander Troster, PhD
Alexander Tröster, PhD
Chair, Department of Neuropsychology