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Barrow Support Groups

At Barrow Neurological Institute, we never want you to feel alone in your diagnosis. We also recognize that having a neurological condition can be life-altering.That’s why we believe in providing support and education for you and your care partners every step of the way.We also strive to offer resources to the greater neurological community.

One way we do this is by offering support groups for a variety of neurological conditions. A support group can provide you and your loved ones with an opportunity to receive moral support and advice from others with common experiences.

Our support groups welcome patients in every stage of their journey. Many people who attend support groups come away with valuable insights, refreshing perspectives, and cherished friendships. Barrow patients and care partners have described others in theirsupportgroups as family.

In addition to social engagement and peer encouragement, our support groups provide educational opportunities. We invite experts from Barrow and other organizations to help you and your loved ones navigate challenges that are unique to your diagnosis. Guest speakers may include neurologists, psychologists, nutritionists, and occupational therapists.

We recognize the issue of caregiver strain and understand that caring for a loved one with a neurological condition often comes with a steep learning curve. Many of our supportgroups offer breakout sessions, allowing patients and caregivers to focus on their specific needs. Other groups areentirely dedicated to care partners.

You are not required to undergo treatment at Barrow to join one of our outpatient support groups. All of these groups are open to the community, space permitting.

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