Neurocritical Care Program

About Our Program

The Neurocritical Care Program at Barrow Neurological Institute provides state-of-the art, comprehensive neurocritical care to patients with acute, serious, and life-threatening brain and spine injuries across a wide spectrum of functional changes associated with these conditions. Our multidisciplinary team comprises a highly skilled and specialized group of neuroscience professionals, including neurointensivists, neurosurgeons, multidisciplinary intensivists, neuroscience nurses, advanced practice providers, respiratory therapists, and critical-care pharmacists. We also collaborate with other disciplines within St. Joseph’s Hospital as needed to ensure that each patient receives personalized attention that they need.

We care for neurosurgical and neurological patients throughout the entire continuum of care. Many of our patients begin their care with us in the emergency department. Others have had complex and challenging elective neurosurgical procedures or life-threatening neurological conditions that require intensive care. This may include patients who are transferred from other hospitals.

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The Barrow Difference

Multidisciplinary Excellence

Our neurocritical care experts collaborate extensively with other members of our neuroscience team. Barrow neurocritical care physicians work with neurosurgeons and other multidisciplinary physicians and intensivists to deliver excellent and comprehensive care for patients who have had neurosurgical procedures or acute/severe brain injuries. They also play a role in stabilizing emergent patients who need either neurosurgical or neurological care.

Our neurocritical care physicians could not do their job without an outstanding cast of neuroscience nurses, pharmacists, advanced practice providers, and respiratory therapists. Barrow is one of the largest employers of subspecialized and advanced practice neuroscience nurses in the world, and they are integral to the care team for our neurocritical patients.

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Neuro-specific Expertise

Critical care physicians are an integral part of patient care in a hospital setting. The complexities of certain patients with critical neurological and neurosurgical conditions often benefit from a unique specialization.

Our core faculty are fellowship trained and board certified in neurocritical care with expertise in the intricacies of caring for neurological and neurosurgical patients in a critical care setting.

Education and Research

Our faculty have received awards from the NIH and other foundations to pursue research in neurocritical care. The director of our Neurocritical Care Division, Dr. Ruchira Jha, conducts translational research to develop individualized targets against cerebral edema and other forms of secondary injury to improve outcomes after acute brain injury insults including traumatic brain injury and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

We also anticipate launching a fellowship program in neurocritical care in the coming academic years.


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