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Department of Neuroscience Nursing

Our Mission

The Neuroscience Nursing Department at Barrow Neurological Institute comprises experienced, world-class nurses who possess specialized knowledge of diseases and disorders of the nervous system.

Our reputation as a leader not only in the clinical realm but also in research and innovation has positioned us at the forefront of neuroscience nursing. Barrow officially launched its neuroscience nursing program on the day that the first neurosurgical units opened in 1962 with just 28 neuroscience nurses. Since then, we have expanded our team to include over 400 neuroscience nurses.

a barrow neuroscience nurse caring for a patient in the neuro intensive care unit

We have come a long way since the first neuroscience nurses started at Barrow, and our institution has pioneered the specialization of neuroscience nursing. This includes the introduction of hospital-based neuroscience nurse practitioners. These nurses perform focused and expanded patient examinations, order appropriate diagnostic testing, educate patients, prescribe medications, and execute discharges in conjunction with the attending staff, among other responsibilities. Additionally, Clinical Nurse Specialists provide consultation services and implement process improvement initiatives involving the patient, staff and environment.  

The American Board of Neuroscience Nursing is the only national accrediting board for nurses who wish to pursue national certification as a certified neuroscience registered nurse (CNRN). The nursing team at Barrow includes 125 nurses who have received the CNRN certification—more than any other hospital in the world.

Neuroscience nurses at Barrow attend local, national, and international meetings each year. This ongoing education has been a critical investment in Barrow neuroscience nurses, and the education they receive and the lessons they learn at these meetings are brought back to Barrow and disseminated among members of our Department of Neuroscience Nursing.

We also contribute to the body of neuroscience nursing knowledge by way of our annual Barrow Nursing Symposium, a large 2-day congregation of neuroscience nurses from all over the world who come together to learn from expert physicians, nurses, and members of the community affected by neurological diseases. Today, Barrow has developed into a model of nursing management, as evidenced by the numerous outside institutions that request formal site visits to learn from our success.

Barrow ICU Nurses on Becoming the First COVID-19 Cohort at the Hospital
a barrow neuroscience nurse treats a patient with covid-19
In 2020, Barrow nurses learned that their Neuro ICU would become the first Covid-19 cohort at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. Watch this video to for a glimpse into what our nurses and other health care workers have faced throughout the pandemic, and the indescribable difference they’ve made.
Department of Neuroscience Nursing

The neuroscience nursing team at Barrow is one that prides itself on treating each patient with dignity and respect. Advances in surgical techniques, pharmacology, or imaging techniques help improve patient care, but there is no substitute for human touch, compassion, and care that nurses offer.

More than 400 neuroscience nurses
Barrow nurses have received the CNRN certification—more than any other hospital in the world.

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