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From straightforward second opinions to referral support, we’ve made it simple to work with our team of neurosurgical specialists at Barrow.

Experts When You Need Answers

Finding the right doctor can be daunting; especially when it comes to brain and spine health. That’s why a team of neurosurgical experts have come together at Barrow Neurological Institute to offer you a different choice with our Second Opinion program.

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These differences are highlighted by three distinct features: first, a flat, transparent, and non-refundable fee of $100, as most second opinions aren’t covered by insurance; second, the ability to see which of our physicians is reviewing your records and providing feedback, plus contact information; third, a commitment to sharing our professional second opinion in only 7 to 10 business days after receipt of medical records and imaging through our digital portal. (Please note that 7 to 10 business days cannot be guaranteed for submissions during November and December; peak U.S. holiday months.)

We understand that neurological disorders and the prospect of neurosurgery can leave you anxious for answers. Our Second Opinion program works tirelessly to alleviate that pain point, and provide you with peace of mind sooner.

We offer second opinions for the following conditions:

  • Acoustic neuromas
  • Aneurysms, AVMs, cerebrovascular surgery, or carotid artery surgery
  • Brain, spine, and spinal cord tumors
  • Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) lead placement*
  • Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT)
  • Metastatic brain tumors
  • Moyamoya disease
  • Nerve transfer, peripheral nerve surgery, and peripheral nerve disorders
  • Pituitary tumors
  • Spine surgery, spinal disorders, and tumors of the spine and spinal cord

Note: Google’s Chrome web browser is required to use our Second Opinion tool.

*We offer second opinions on the placement of DBS leads for patients who have already undergone DBS surgery. If you have not had DBS surgery but would like to know if you’re a candidate, please call (602) 406-3242 to speak with our DBS nurse navigator.

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  Second Opinions
Keeping Score: We’ve provided more than 5,000 second opinions since the launch of our program

Program Coordinators

Candi Miranda
Second Opinion Coordinator
dariela molinar
Dariela Molinar
Second Opinion Coordinator