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“I woke up from surgery that evening sometime … and the first thing I noticed was I could see immediately.”

Pastor David Clark

The integration is amazing—how the therapists work together. It’s not just siloed by modality. They really combine them around what Hillary needs, and they’re really caring people.

Dan Burns Glendale

It was the little things and just the way they delivered their care…I get choked up. It was a really hard time, but those people—I owe an incredible debt of gratitude to everybody there.

Andy Scholl Albuquerque

The options, for me, were pretty grim. But it seemed like a breath of fresh air because Dr. Lawton said he could help me. It was a blessing.

Meghan Sanchez Burbank

Dr. Almefty is very meticulous and did a phenomenal job of getting a lot of the tumor off my nerve bundles.

Jordan Lawley Orange County

I want to tell people to be strong. Hard work, positivity, and support helps to overcome adversity.

Brody Burnell Phoenix

They gave us absolute support from the moment of the first appointment … I can’t imagine going through this without Barrow. I couldn’t do this alone.

Tina Rodrigues
Barrow Neurological Institute campus in 3D

Coming in 2021: The Barrow Neuroplex

Barrow is building an inviting new point of entry for the best neurological and neurosurgical care. Follow the link to take a look inside and watch live progress on our construction camera.