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Thursday, July 18: Pterional Craniotomy for Clip Reconstruction of a Dolichoectatic Middle Cerebral Artery Aneurysm

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From the Office of the President and CEO

When the pandemic struck one year ago, shutting down meetings, conferences, and elective surgery, we launched an educational video series to help neurosurgeons keep their technical edge. We felt that learning must go on, and that a regular dose of operative videos would keep minds focused on the art of microneurosurgery. COVIDeos-19: Survival Kit for Neurosurgical Quarantine has been viewed 158,994 times, for a total of 450,566 minutes, and is among the most-visited pages on our website.  

Vaccination rates are climbing, and this pandemic will retreat, but the thirst for neurosurgical teaching never ends. That’s why we’re continuing COVIDeos-19 under a new name: Seven Series. Seven refers to my textbooks on aneurysms, AVMs, and bypasses, and Series lets you know that this teaching project will continue indefinitely. I believe that something can be learned from every case, every day; we will mine these gems of knowledge and share them with you in these narrated video case studies. 

When I wrote Seven Aneurysms, I intended to capture my experiences on the page for posterity to preserve  techniques that were falling out of favor in an endovascular era. That textbook inspired Seven AVMs and Seven  Bypasses. The “seven” theme has a life of its own with the next book, Seven Cavernomas, in progress. These videos are the daily grist that fuel my learning and my writing, and Seven Series is your window into that creative process in real time.  

I sincerely hope you enjoy Seven Series. For new episode releases, be sure to follow me on Twitter @mtlawton or  Instagram @michael_t_lawton and Barrow Neurological Institute on Twitter @barrowneuro, Instagram  @barrowneuro, or Facebook @BarrowNeurological.  

Seven Series’ tagline is Excellence in MindTM. It speaks to the fact that our work demands technical excellence,  that we must constantly strive to better ourselves, and that we work in the most sacred of places – in other  people’s brains. Together, let’s keep excellence in mind. 

Michael T. Lawton, MD 
President and CEO 
Barrow Neurological Institute