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Long-term outcome data from 121 patients treated with Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery as salvage therapy for focally recurrent high-grade gliomas.

Date: 01/2019

Authors: Cody J Smith, Marshall J Fairres, Charlotte S Myers, Kristina M Chapple, Michal Klysik, John P Karis, Emad Youssef, Kris A Smith

Resection and permanent intracranial brachytherapy using modular, biocompatible cesium-131 implants: results in 20 recurrent, previously irradiated meningiomas.

Date: 12/2018

Authors: David G Brachman, Emad Youssef, Christopher J Dardis, Nader Sanai, Joseph M Zabramski, Kris A Smith, Andrew S Little, Andrew G Shetter, Theresa Thomas, Heyoung L McBride, Stephen Sorensen, Robert F Spetzler, Peter Nakaji, P. Nakaji

The impact of adjuvant stereotactic radiosurgery on atypical meningioma recurrence following aggressive microsurgical resection.

Date: 08/2013

Authors: Douglas A Hardesty, Andrew B Wolf, David G Brachman, Heyoung L McBride, Emad Youssef, Peter Nakaji, P. Nakaji, Randall W Porter, Kris A Smith, Robert F Spetzler, Nader Sanai

Long-term radiosurgical control of subtotally resected adult pineocytomas.

Date: 08/2012

Authors: David A Wilson, Al-Wala Awad, David Brachman, Stephen W Coons, Heyoung McBride, Emad Youssef, Peter Nakaji, P. Nakaji, Andrew G Shetter, Kris A Smith, Robert F Spetzler, Nader Sanai

Gamma knife radiosurgery for recurrent trigeminal neuralgia.

Date: 12/2002

Authors: Andrew G Shetter, C Leland Rogers, Francisco A Ponce, Jeffrey A Fiedler, Kris A Smith, Burton L Speiser

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