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Get a Second Opinion on Acoustic Neuroma Treatment

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Your favorite music. The voices of your friends and family. A diagnosis of an acoustic neuroma (also called a vestibular schwannoma) might have you worried whether you will always be able to hear these things and more. This is where we can help. Our neurosurgeons and radiation neuro-oncologists are widely respected for their expertise in advanced acoustic neuroma diagnosis and treatment.At Barrow, our experienced team treats 10 times as many acoustic neuromas than any other hospital in the State of Arizona on a yearly basis. Through Barrow Second Opinion, our world-renowned acoustic neuroma experts can recommend and provide the best course of treatment for small, medium, and large acoustic neuromas based on their size and location—whether it’s surgery, radiosurgery, observation, or a combination of treatments.

People Travel the World for Treatment at Barrow in Phoenix, Arizona

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Our acoustic neuroma surgeons and radiation neuro-oncologists are some of the most experienced and highly skilled in the world. Patients with the most complex acoustic neuromas travel from other countries for treatment at Barrow—a U.S. News & World Report top center for neurology and neurosurgery.

Surgical and Non-surgical Options

While our experts recommend surgery for some acoustic neuromas, others can be treated with noninvasive radiosurgery or simply observed over time. The advantages of minimally invasive surgery can include a faster recovery time, reduced blood loss, a shorter hospital stay, and less post-operative pain.

Comprehensive Care

Barrow offers comprehensive care for neuro patients, including both inpatient and outpatient services, featuring treatments across the continuum of care⁠—from the pre-hospital setting, to integration, to life at home.

Online Second Opinions

Have your medical history and images reviewed by our team of experts, who excel at diagnosing and treating acoustic neuromas, and receive valuable guidance through our fast, easy, and affordable Barrow Second Opinion program.

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Thoracic Spine Specialities

Most Experienced Center in Arizona

Barrow is home to the busiest acoustic neuroma program in Arizona. We have consistently been one of the most experienced and sought-after acoustic neuroma programs in the United States.

Emphasis on Hearing Preservation

Acoustic neuromas grow on the nerve that carries auditory signals from your inner ear to the part of your brain that processes sound. Because of this, they can cause hearing loss or deafness. Our professionals use every tool at their disposal to remove the tumor while preserving your hearing.


Radiosurgery involves no incisions and can shrink acoustic neuroma tumors over time. Precise beams of radiation damage and scar the tumor while sparing nearby healthy tissue. Barrow offers the Gamma Knife system for acoustic neuromas.

Neurofibromatosis Type 2

Neurofibromatosis type 2 is a disease that increases the likelihood that a person will develop an acoustic neuroma. Our specialists have decades of experience treating acoustic neuroma patients who also have neurofibramatosis type 2.

Help for Balance Issues

Because the inner ear is important to both hearing and your sense of balance, acoustic neuromas can cause problems like vertigo, unsteadiness, and dizziness. At Barrow, we have neurologists on staff who specialize in diseases and disorders of the inner ear and auditory nerve.

Certified Neuroscience Nurses

Our nurses at Barrow receive rigorous training in the nuances and complexities of advanced neuroscience nursing practice. This guarantees that whenever you see a Barrow nurse at your bedside, you will know you are receiving expert care.