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Abemaciclib Plus Ly3214996 For Recurrent Glioblastoma

This trial is an open-label, multicenter, Phase 0/2 trial that will enroll up to 50 participants with recurrent glioblastoma which are schedule for resection. In the lead-in cohort, a total of 10 participants will be enrolled into the proposed phase 0 clinical trial. Participants will be administered LY3214996 plus Abemaciclib prior to surgical resection of their tumor. If positive PK results are demonstrated in ≥50% of Phase 0 participants and at least 5 participants are enrolled into Phase 2, up to approximately 40 additional participants will be enrolled in the dose expansion cohort in order to achieve a total of 25 participants enrolled into Phase 2 (lead-in cohort + dose expansion).

Open and enrolling subjects.
Phoenix, Arizona
Total Participants
Primary Sponsor
Nader Sanai, MD
Additional Sponsor(s)
Barrow Neurological Institute
Ivy Brain Tumor Center
Eli Lilly and Company