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Barrow ALA Trial for Recurrent Malignant Gliomas

This study is being done to find which dose of 5-ALA is the best for seeing recurrent gliomas during surgery. Select patients will take an oral dose of study drug (5-ALA) a few hours before surgery. During the procedure surgeons use a special microscope that sends out blue light onto the tumor tissue where 5-ALA reflects the light causing the abnormal cells to glow in the dark. When there is suspected regrowth of tumor, surrounding tissue can also look like tumor because of prior surgery, treatment with radiation or chemotherapy which cause change in the tissue. Tissue samples taken during surgery will be inspected by a pathologist to confirm whether or not the tumor tissue has recurrent tumor cells. This will help the researchers decide what dose would be best to use in future patients with recurrent disease.


Open and enrolling subjects.
Phoenix, Arizona
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  • 18+
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