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Reliability Studies of Multipoint Incremental MUNE in the Lower Extremities

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the application of multipoint incremental motor unit number estimate (MIMUNE), an electromyography (EMG) technique, in 2 distinct muscles of the leg called the extensor digitorum brevis and abductor hallucis.

The study will have 2 cohorts: Cohort 1 consisting of 10 healthy human participants, and Cohort 2 consisting of 10 ALS participants. Each participant within both cohorts will be tested by 2 different physician examiners using specific MIMUNE leg technique. These examinations will be completed on 2 different visits separated by at least 24 hours.

Enrollment Contact: 
Nicole Turcotte 
(602) 406-4775

Open and enrolling subjects.
Phoenix, Arizona
Primary Sponsor
Barrow Neurological Foundation