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PPMI 2.0 is a broad program, expanding the goals of the original PPMI study (NCT01141023), that includes this PPMI 2.0 Clinical protocol, as well as the PPMI 2.0 Remote, PPMI 2.0 Digital Applications and PPMI 2.0 Online protocols.

All participants in PPMI 2.0 will be asked to be enrolled in all PPMI 2.0 protocols, but depending on their method of recruitment, participants may be enrolled sequentially in varying order, as appropriate. PPMI 2.0 participants may also be asked to participate in additional PPMI 2.0 companion studies (as they are developed), which may only involve a subset of PPMI 2.0 participants based on their cohort designation and/or site location.

Open and enrolling subjects.
Phoenix, Arizona
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Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
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Institute for Neurodegenerative Disorders