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Category: Neuroscience Nursing

Day in the Life of a Barrow Neuro-ICU Nurse: Kimberly Reedy

Get a glimpse of a day in the life in the busy Barrow ICU

Day in the Life of a Barrow Neuro-ICU Nurse: Amy Coppage

Find out about life in the Barrow ICU from a 22-year veteran of the floor

Meet Virginia Prendergast, PhD: Director of Advanced Practice Nursing

One day, Virginia Prendergast, PhD, was humming a Frank Sinatra tune while walking through the hallways of Barrow Neurological Institute. Dr. Robert Spetzler remarked that she seemed to...

Meet Jacki Garcia: Nurse Navigator, Neurosurgical Oncology

Jacki Garcia swivels around in her office chair to consult her computer screen. It displays a database of patients at Barrow Neurological Institute who are in various stages...

Meet Kevin Patterson: Charge Nurse, Neuro-Rehabilitation Unit

Kevin Patterson says that to work as a charge nurse, one must be a “Jack-of-all-trades.” Patterson has worked as a charge nurse on the inpatient neuro-rehabilitation unit at...