Barrow, ASU Announce Initiative for Innovation in Neuro-Engineering

Barrow Neurological Institute and Arizona State University have announced a partnership to bring innovative solutions to patients with complex neurological diseases.

The Barrow-ASU Initiative for Innovation in Neuro-Engineering will create a new class of physician-engineers who will utilize science, technology, and design to develop new therapies and medical devices to improve patient outcomes.

“It’s a particular honor for me because before I was a doctor, before I was a brain surgeon, before I became president of the Barrow Neurological Institute, I was an engineer,” Dr. Michael Lawton told the crowd at Celebrity Fight Night. “I’m one of this rare breed of engineers who is also a clinician.”

Dr. Lawton and ASU President Dr. Michael Crow signed the memorandum of understanding at the annual philanthropic event to formalize the collaboration.

“This memorandum will help us bring our two world-class institutions together,” Dr. Lawton said. “It’ll bring Michael (Crow’s) engineers and my clinician-scientists together so that we can be an engine of innovation for this community.”