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Barrow Bypass Coder

Toward a More Accurate Description of Bypass Constructs

The Barrow Bypass Coder accompanies the article “Coding Cerebral Bypasses: A Proposed Nomenclature to Better Describe Bypass Constructs and Revascularization Techniques” by Tayebi Meybodi A, Gadhyia A, Borba Moreira L, and Lawton MT published in the Journal of Neurosurgery. The goal of this application is to assist neurosurgeons in applying a standardized bypass nomenclature to describe the nuances of any bypass succinctly, accurately, and precisely. This graphical tool enables the neurosurgeon to draw bypasses on a schematic blood vessel template using drag and drop features. The bypass created onscreen produces the corresponding bypass code using the segmental anatomy and anastomotic details created in the template.

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