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    Barrow Neuro Office Hours: Neurosurgery Residency Edition

    Join us on Zoom each Wednesday at 6:00 PM PT from September 16 – October 7 to learn more about the Barrow Neurosurgery Residency Program from our current faculty and residents.

    September 16: General Program Focus – PGY-5’s and Program Director Francisco Ponce, MD

    neurosurgery residency office hours flyer

    Click Image to Enlarge – Office Hours Flyer. Printable Version.

    At Barrow, the 5th year Neurosurgery Residents direct much of the efforts in recruitment of the next class of Barrow Interns. Meet Scott Brigeman, MD; Joshua Catapano, MD; Ben Hendricks, MD; and Clinton Morgan, MD; as well as Neurosurgery Residency Program Director Francisco Ponce, MD; as they provide a program overview, and focus time on a Q&A session with you to answer any question that you may have about the experience of training at Barrow.

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    September 23: Junior Residency Focus – PGY-2’s

    The PGY-2 Junior Year is a rite of passage for all Barrow Residents and alum. Hear about handling the call pager for one of the busiest neurosurgical services in the country, managing a 64-bed Neuro ICU, and finding life outside of the hospital from our current Barrow Junior Residents: Joelle Hartke, MD; Mark Pacult, MD; Rob Rudy, MD; and Zar Zavala, MD.

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    September 30: Vascular Focus – Michael T. Lawton, MD; Felipe Albuquerque, MD; and Jacob Baranoski, MD

    Barrow is known for challenging norms and establishing standards of care for open vascular and endovascular neurosurgery. Meet Department of Neurosurgery Chairman and Barrow President and CEO Michael T. Lawton, MD; Endovascular Director Felipe Albuquerque, MD; and Endovascular Fellow/Barrow Resident Jacob Baranoski, MD as they discuss open and endovascular training at Barrow, our Neuro ICU support, OR and endovascular facilities, and vision for the future.

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    October 7: Spine Focus – Juan Uribe, MD; Kumar Kakarla, MD; Jay Turner, MD, PhD; Laura Snyder, MD; and Clinton Morgan, MD

    There is a long history of innovation in spinal neurosurgery at Barrow, both in traditional open spinal surgery and minimally-invasive spine. Meet Juan Uribe, MD; Kumar Kakarla, MD; Jay Turner, MD; Laura Snyder, MD; and Clinton Morgan, MD as they discuss research in the Sonntag Spine Center, the new Spine Outcomes Database, and the advantages of training in open and minimally-invasive spine at Barrow.

    //Click Here to Join via Zoom

    From the Program Director

    Dear Future Neurosurgeons,

    Building one of the top neurosurgical training programs in the world was a vision, defined over 30 years ago, that launched the Barrow Neurological Institute from being a regional center of excellence to the world-renowned institution it is today.

    Patient care and resident education remain two core principles that drive us. The goal of this residency program is to structure an environment that will prepare you to be leaders in our field while sowing a lifelong zest for the practice of this extraordinary discipline.

    Portrait of neurosurgeon and DBS specialist Francisco Ponce

    Francisco Ponce, MD Neurosurgery Residency Program Director

    The program is home to a team of 28 outstanding residents, and there is an esprit de corps among this team that is unique. This camaraderie fuels the thrill of training to become the best neurosurgeon you can be.

    With eleven dedicated neurosurgical operating rooms and two neuro-endovascular suites, over 7,000 neurosurgical procedures are performed annually at the Barrow. This provides a foundation for resident education, ensuring ample exposure to the whole range of neurosurgical cases, from brain to spine, from simple to complex.

    Graduated autonomy is a principle of resident education that is a prerequisite to graduating the best operative neurosurgeons. Through direct observation and feedback from faculty and peers, Barrow residents will build upon the surgical fundamentals to master some of the most technically demanding surgical skills.

    Residency is a form of apprenticeship, and the Barrow is where the craft of neurosurgery is at its finest. Barrow is a masters’ program: the camaraderie, surgical volume, and structured  autonomy are enjoyed in the setting of mentorship by leading surgeons in each of the neurosurgical subspecialties.

    The global visibility of any program derives in large part from peer-reviewed publications, and the impact of the innovations in the operating room is made through writing. A published paper lasts forever, and the Barrow will equip you with the resources to further an academic footprint as a resident and to cultivate a subspecialty interest.

    The Barrow is an amazing place to train, and resident selection is instrumental to our mission.  We look forward to meeting you!


    Francisco Ponce, MD
    Director, Barrow Neurosurgery Residency Program

    Learn More about the Barrow Neurosurgery Residency Program

    Call (602) 406-3196 to speak with our residency program coordinator

    About Barrow Neurological Institute
    Since our doors opened as a regional specialty center in 1962, we have grown into one of the premier destinations in the world for neurology and neurosurgery. Our experienced, highly skilled, and comprehensive team of neurological specialists can provide you with a complete spectrum of care–from diagnosis through outpatient neurorehabilitation–under one roof. Barrow Neurological Institute: Discover. Educate. Heal.