Monument Valley in Arizona

Bioskills Laboratory

About our Laboratory

The Bioskills Laboratory at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona is a world class, full service research and education center performing R&D, education, and training for corporate, academic, and professional medical-surgical entities using cadaver and live procedures.

  • Perform testing and development with companies or other institutions producing and developing new medical technology with support of cadaver tissue and animal surgery
  • Direct conferences, smaller courses and teaching sessions, corporate sponsored functions, or Barrow neurosurgery department events held at national and international meetings
  • Focus and coordinate efforts in neurosurgery research at Barrow Neurological Institute and St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
  • Plan, supervise, coordinate, and expedite the research efforts of neurosurgery residents, fellows, and visiting scholars while on research rotations
  • Conduct research projects with other departments including neurobiology, neuro-oncology, neurology, neurochemistry, neuroradiology, trauma, cardiology, cardiac surgery and pediatrics
  • Support and collaborate with academic institutions, bioengineering, support for industry (small and large companies)
  • Full cadaver tissue capabilities
  • Complete tissue preservation, cerebrovascular infusion, and anatomical dissection laboratory

scientist filling test tube in a laboratory