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Barrow-ASU Center for Preclinical Imaging

Focus and Mission

The mission of the Barrow-ASU Center for Preclinical is to provide state-of-the-art imaging technology and expertise for researchers in the Phoenix area. Our center provides a wide array of imaging modalities including MRI, bioluminescence and florescence, microPET, and microCT.

The Center is a joint effort between Barrow Neurological Institute and Arizona State University. Together, our goal is to provide essential core technologies to Valley researchers and, as a result, advance biosciences across the entire State of Arizona.

Over the past several decades, advances in imaging science have unlocked new discoveries in biology and medicine. Our facility makes this advanced technology available to researchers across Central Arizona. Using these resources, investigators can examine the in vivo anatomy and function of their preclinical models.

In addition to advanced technology, the Center for Preclinical Imaging also offers professional expertise to help researchers develop and implement their imaging protocols.

Greg Turner, PhD
Gregory H. Turner, PhD
Program Manager, Preclinical Imaging

A practical method for multimodal registration and assessment of whole-brain disease burden using PET, MRI, and optical imaging

By Matthew L. Scarpelli, Debbie R. Healey, Shwetal Mehta, Vikram D. Kodibagkar & Christopher C. Quarles

Published in Scientific Reports

Many neurological diseases present with substantial genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity, making assessment of these diseases challenging. This has led to ineffective treatments, significant morbidity, and high mortality rates for patients with neurological diseases, including brain cancers and neurodegenerative disorders. Improved understanding of this heterogeneity is necessary if more effective treatments are to be developed. We describe a new method to measure phenotypic heterogeneity across the whole rodent brain at multiple spatial scales. The method involves co-registration and localized comparison of in vivo radiologic images (e.g. MRI, PET) with ex vivo optical reporter images (e.g. labeled cells, molecular targets, microvasculature) of optically cleared tissue slices. Ex vivo fluorescent images of optically cleared pathology slices are acquired with a preclinical in vivo optical imaging system across the entire rodent brain in under five minutes, making this methodology practical and feasible for most preclinical imaging labs. The methodology is applied in various examples demonstrating how it might be used to cross-validate and compare in vivo radiologic imaging with ex vivo optical imaging techniques for assessing hypoxia, microvasculature, and tumor growth.

Image Courtesy of Scientific Reports

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Gregory Turner, PhD
Program Manager, Preclinical Imaging
Barrow Neurological Institute
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Gregory H. Turner, PhD
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