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Laboratory Focus

The Geda Laboratory at Barrow Neurological Institute addresses common concerns for millions of elderly people. For example, consider the following hypothetical scenario in which an 80-year-old person asks the following questions:

  1. If I start physical activity today, would it reduce my risk of dementia?
  2. Does engaging in mentally stimulating activities, such as using a computer, reduce my risk of dementia?
  3. How about the timing of eating and the type of food I eat; would it impact my risk of dementia?
  4. Does excessive negative emotion such as depression and hostility increase my risk of dementia?
  5. Does physical activity also decrease my risk of developing new onset depression as I get older?

Our lab has a long standing track record of addressing these questions, primarily by carrying out cross-sectional and prospective cohort studies. 

Active Research Projects

Yonas Geda
Yonas Geda, MD, MSc
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Contact Information

Yonas E. Geda, MD, MSc
Professor of Neurology
350 West Thomas Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85013