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    Brain Tumor Experts in Phoenix, Arizona

    Brain Tumor Support Group

    Due to COVID-19, we have moved this support group online. 

    Many people find that talking with others who are in a similar situation can help with stress. It can also provide useful insight and refreshing perspectives. The Barrow Brain Tumor Support Group offers peer support for both survivors who have been diagnosed with a brain tumor and their caregivers who are helping them through this diagnosis.

    Lanette Veres from the Gray Matters Foundation peer facilitates the Survivor Group.  The Caregiver Group is facilitated by staff who work closely with brain tumor survivors and their caregivers.

    The Brain Tumor Support Group is open to individuals with brain tumors, their family members and friends. Participants will meet others in similar situations, discuss individual problems, ask questions, and learn new information about a variety of topics.

    There will now be four Brain Tumor Support Group meetings offered each month: two for Caregivers and two for Survivors.  These will be held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.

    Only 15 people are allowed in per group.  Fifteen Survivors will meet and then the following hour will host 15 Caregivers. Pre-registration is required.

    Registration will be locked once capacity is reached.  You will not be able to register for the next group until the current one has been completed.

    // Register Here

    Location Details


    Date & Time

    Second Tuesday of the month
    Survivors: 11:00 AM
    Caregivers: 12:00 PM

    Fourth Tuesday of the month
    Survivors: 6:00 PM
    Caregivers: 7:00 PM

    Fourth Tuesday of the month
    Survivors: 6:00 PM
    Caregivers: 7:00 PM

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