Spetzler Microneurosurgery Course

Microneurosurgery of the Skull Base: Anterior Approaches, Anatomy, and Techniques

Course Goal

The Barrow Neurological Institute Department of Neurosurgery announces the Spetzler Microneurosurgery Course, with course director, Michael T. Lawton, MD, and special guest, Robert F. Spetzler, MD. Barrow neurosurgery faculty, along with invited guest faculty, will lead a didactic-practical course in neurosurgical approaches and anatomy combined with clinical correlation of cerebrovascular and brain tumor management of the anterior regions of the cranium and skull base.

This course is designed for neurosurgery residents and fellows and will address surgical anatomy, surgical approaches and strategies, and clinical review. It is a full two-day course designed with intense instruction and discussion for 24 participants. Didactic instruction will feature 3D and digital video microanatomy, recorded surgery, and correlated discussion for cerebrovascular and tumor pathology. The clinical information will be used to make the practical anatomical dissection practice come alive.

Exquisitely preserved cadaver tissue with vascular injection will provide the platform for lengthy dissection periods led by a master at the head station with other faculty mentors. Each station will have state-of-the-art instrumentation and microscopes.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Become intimately familiar with microneurosurgical anatomy for anterior region cranial and skull base surgical approaches
  • Learn appropriate visualization, technique, and approaches for neurosurgery at the skull base
  • Correlate clinical pathological information with the corresponding anatomic region
  • Combine anatomy and pathology information into decision-making for surgical approach selection
  • Explore, discuss, and learn options from experienced neurosurgical faculty for surgical treatment of pathology at the anterior region skull base
  • Practice surgical approaches utilizing image guidance assistance with applied knowledge from didactic and discussion sessions on preserved-injected cadaver specimens

Registration Information

Attendee Typeprice
Residents and Fellows$200.00

Jan 12-13, 2023

Date, Time, and Location

In Person
Thursday & Friday, January 12-13, 2023

Loyal and Edith Davis Neurosurgery Research Laboratory
Barrow Neurological Institute
350 West Thomas Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85013

Speaker Information

All times refer to Arizona time (Mountain Standard Time).

Thursday, January 12 – Breakfast 7:00 AM
Welcome7:30 AM
Joseph M. Zabramski, MDAnatomy of Anterolateral Skull Base (7:45 AM) (Concurrent)
Kaith Almefty, MDTechnique: Pterional Craniotomy (7:45 AM) (Concurrent)
Michael T. Lawton, MDClinical Applications (7:45 AM) (Concurrent)
Lab Dissection9:15 AM
LunchNoon – 12:45 PM
Arnau Benet, MDAnatomy of Clinoids & Superior Cavernous Sinus (12:45 PM)
Jacques Morcos, MDTechnique: Transcavernous Approach (1:45 PM)
Michael T. Lawton, MDClinical Applications (2:15 PM)
Lab Dissection2:15 PM
Adjourn5:00 PM
Dinner 7:30 PM
Friday, January 13 – Breakfast7:00 AM
Joseph M. Zabramski, MDAnatomy of the Anterior Skull Base – Endonasal View (7:15 AM)
Robert F. Spetzler, MDOperative Nuances (7:45 AM)
Jacques Morcos, MDTranscavernous Surgery (8:45 AM)
Lab Dissection9:15 AM
LunchNoon – 12:45
Arnau Benet, MDAnatomy of Middle Fossa and Lateral Cavernous Sinus (12:45 PM)
Jacques Morcos, MDTechnique: Kawase Approach (1:15 PM)
Michael T. Lawton, MDClinical Applications (1:45 PM)
Lab Dissection2:15 PM
Wrap Up5:00 PM