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C3Logix Balance/NFL

In this project, we propose to validate objective measures of sideline and post-injury assessment of postural stability, near point of convergence, and pupillometry in NFL athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion.

Both balance and eye movements are already included in the standard of care for treating concussions
however, the NPC testing, C3Logix Balance, and Pupillometry tools will objectify those evaluations. Studies have been performed to validate these tools in other populations, but not in professional football. The objective measurements will be compared to the clinical diagnosis of concussion using the standard of care.


This project aims to identify measurable thresholds and validate these tools within this specific population (NFL athletes).

We anticipate that approximately 265 enrolled with an estimate of 40 subjects who will participate for the entirety of the study.

Open and enrolling subjects.
Phoenix, Arizona
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National Football League
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Contact Rachel Stancl at (602) 406-6236