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Target ALS Longitudinal Biomarkers

Target ALS Biomarker Study: Longitudinal Biofluids, Clinical Measures, and At-Home Measures

The purpose of this study is to generate a biorepository of longitudinal blood (plasma and serum), cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), and urine linked to genetics and clinical information that are then made available to the ALS research community for future research. Both ALS participants and healthy control participants will be enrolled over a 5-year period.

ALS participants will complete a total of 5 clinic visits across a 16-month period. Healthy control participants will complete a total of 2 clinic visits across a 12-month period. At-home speech assessments will be collected once weekly for both groups. And, for a subset of participants, at-home vital capacity assessments will also be collected on a biweekly weekly basis for both groups. These samples and clinical information will be de-identified and made available for investigators to use in future research studies.

Principal Investigator: Robert Bowser, PhD

Site Principal Investigator: Shafeeq Ladha, MD

Enrollment Contact:
Whitney Dailey
(602) 406-7804

Open and enrolling subjects.
Phoenix, Arizona
Primary Sponsor
Target ALS