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Pituitary Tumor Board

Each year, hundreds of patients are treated at the Barrow Neurological Institute. Whether your case requires surgery, radiation, medication, or a combination of all three types of treatment, you can be confident that your team of specialists at the Barrow Pituitary Center will develop a multidisciplinary care plan that specifically meets your needs.

As with any complicated medical condition, designing a successful treatment plan for a pituitary disorder requires input from different sub-specialists. One way to achieve this is to gather all these sub-specialists in the setting of a tumor board.

The Barrow Pituitary Center has created a monthly tumor board meeting comprised of doctors from various fields such as endocrinology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, radiology, and pathology. This group of highly experienced sub-specialists meets each month to discuss patients who are receiving treatment. Discussion topics can include details pertaining to new or worsening symptoms, previous treatment outcomes, blood test results, tissue pathology findings, and radiology studies (MRI, CT, etc.).

The face-to-face discussions at tumor board meetings help everyone on your medical team to learn more details about your case and make recommendations for future treatment. The tumor board can also make sure that your doctors are aware of any clinical trials for which you may be eligible. By working together, the team can evaluate all of the treatment options that may improve your treatment’s effectiveness.

Barrow Pituitary Center