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Epilepsy Surgery

What is Epilepsy Surgery?

Epilepsy surgery is an operation performed on the brain or on the vagus nerve to try to fix or remove a lesion or pathology that is causing epileptic seizures. The following procedures are used to treat epilepsy:

  • Focal resection – removing the portion of the brain where seizures originate
  • Hemispherectomy – removing the outer layer of one half of the brain
  • Corpus callostomy – severing neural connections to interrupt the pathway by which seizures spread
  • Vagus nerve stimulation – using electrical impulses to stimulate the vagus nerve

What is Epilepsy Surgery used for?

Epilepsy surgery is used to treat seizures. Surgery may help reduce the frequency of seizures or eliminate them entirely.

Am I a good candidate for Epilepsy Surgery?

You may be a good candidate for epilepsy surgery if you have severe seizures that are not responding to medication.

Surgery may be recommended if your seizures occur in one area of the brain and the area can easily be removed without causing other problems.

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