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Indego is a powered limb exoskeleton that enables people with mobility impairments to walk.

The 26-pound exoskeleton, which is worn around the waist and legs, mirrors natural human movements. It can be used in the home for a greater level of independence or in a clinical setting for over-ground, task-specific gait training.

Indego connects to a mobile app, allowing physical therapists to control the operation of the exoskeleton, change its settings in real time, and capture data without the need for tethered controls.

What is Indego used for?

In the United States, Indego can be used for rehabilitation in people with spinal cord injuries at the level of T4 and below. For home use, the device is approved for spinal cord injuries at the level of T7 and below.

Am I a good candidate for Indego?

You may be a good candidate for Indego if you have suffered a spinal cord injury. The exoskeleton is compatible with standard mobility aids and can be used while you are seated in a wheelchair. It is not intended for playing sports or climbing stairs. A full physical therapy evaluation is necessary to determine eligibility to use the device in rehabilitation or for home use.

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