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    Neuro-Rehabilitation Experts in Phoenix, Arizona

    Stroke Rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation is crucial to making the most complete recovery from a stroke possible. With the right type of skilled stroke rehabilitation, tasks such as eating, drinking, communicating with others, walking, and taking care of yourself can be greatly improved.

    Our goal for your stroke rehabilitation is to help you regain as much independence as possible.

    Stroke Education Resources and Websites

    Rehabilitation Journey After a Stroke

    The stroke rehabilitation process at Barrow Neurological Institute begins in the emergency department and continues through outpatient care. While you are hospitalized after your stroke, physical, occupational, and speech therapists may be requested by your physician to evaluate your abilities and prescribe treatment to begin addressing any problems.

    Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

    Stroke outcomes for 2018. Click to enlarge.

    If you require more intensive therapy after you are discharged from the hospital, you may be admitted to our inpatient neurorehabilitation facility for more intensive stroke rehabilitation. In this setting, you will have access to a diverse team of highly trained professionals, including:

    • speech, occupational, and physical therapists
    • neuroscience nurses
    • social workers
    • discharge planners
    • rehabilitation doctors and neurophysiatrists
    • neuropsychologists

    Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation

    Once you are ready to return home, you may need to continue your stroke rehabilitation in our outpatient program. Outpatient neuro-rehabilitation offers many services for survivors of a stroke. You will have access to the same specialists as you would in our inpatient program, but in an outpatient setting, their goal will shift to aiding your transition back to work, home, school, and community activities.

    Outpatient neuropsychological testing is also available to assist with evaluating cognitive progress and making decisions regarding readiness to return to driving, work, school, and independent living.

    Our team approach provides survivors of a stroke the opportunity to regain a significant amount of ability. Our primary goal is to increase independence and ability to function in the home and community.

    Learn More about Stroke Rehabilitation at Barrow

    To learn more about stroke rehabilitation in Phoenix, call (602) 406-7342.

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