35th Annual GRAL Conference

Course Goal

To promote international collaboration to further research on the diagnosis and treatment of age-related neurological disorders.

Course Learning Objectivesf

  • To advance knowledge of brain function in normal and pathological aging
  • To present strategies for health promotion and prevention of neurological disease/damage
  • To demonstrate the trajectory of recovery from brain injury in aging individuals 
  • To characterize cognitive and functional decline in individuals with age-related neurodegenerative disease
  • To promote understanding of novel therapeutic interventions for age-related neurological disease

Registration Information

Attendee Typeprice
Registration for 3 Days$450
Registration for 2 Days$350
Registration for 1 Day$250

January 25-27, 2024
Phoenix, Arizona

doctor holding senior patient's hand

Date, Time, and Location

In Person
Thursday – Saturday, January 25-27, 2024

Barrow Neurological Institute
2910 North 3rd Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85013
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Target Audience

This program is designed for physicians, neuropsychologists, psychologists, neuroscience researchers, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

Agenda & Speaker Information

All times refer to Arizona time.

SPeakerTopic & Time
Day 1Thursday, January 25, 2024
Coffee and Breakfast 8:00 AM
Yonas E. Geda, MD, MSc (Phoenix, Arizona)Opening Ceremony
Danielle Eagan, PhD, ABPP (Phoenix, Arizona)
Welcome to Barrow Neurological Institute – GRAL (8:30 AM)
Michael Lawton, MD (Barrow CEO; Phoenix, Arizona)Welcome Speech (8:35 AM)
Bernard François Michel, MD (Marseille, France)Brief History of GRAL (8:45 AM)
Bruce Price, MD (McLean Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts)The Intersection of Behavioral Neurology and Psychiatry (9:00 AM)
Francois Boller, MD, PhD (Washington DC, Paris France)Normal Aging
Gabor G. Kovacs, MD, PhD (Toronto, Canada)Neuropathology of Normal Aging (9:45 AM)
Gregory A. Jicha, MD, Ph.D. (Lexington, Kentucky)TBD (10:30 AM)
Nicoletta Caputi, PhD (Rome, Italy)Physiological Cognitive Changes in Aging and How to Prevent Cognitive Decline
(11:00 AM)
Lunch11:30 AM
Yonas E. Geda, MD, MSc (Phoenix, Arizona)Mild Cognitive Impairment
Ronald C. Petersen, MD, PhD (Rochester, Minnesota)TBD (12:00 PM)
Susan Hernes, MD, PhD (Bergen, Norway)REACT MCI Study; Multiple Sites in Norway – Oslo, Arendal, Bergen, and Boda (12:45 PM)
Per Kristian Eide, MD, PhD CSF Clearance in MCI (1:15 PM)
Poster Session (1:45 PM)
Norwegian PostersPer Nordnes (PhD student, Arendal, Norway)
Trine Holt Edwin, PhD (Oslo, Norway)
Marian Flak, PhD (Neuropsychologist)
Hakon Hol, MD, PhD (Neuroradiologist)
Ethiopian PostersMuluken Azage Yenesew, PhD (MPH, School of Public Health)
Gizachew Yismaw Wubetu, PhD (Research Director, Public Health Institute)
Javier Cardenas, MD (Phoenix, Arizona)Traumatic Brain Injury
Michael Alosco, PhD (Boston, Massachusetts)Traumatic Encephalopathy 
Syndrome/CTE NIDS Criteria (2:30 PM)
Bernard François Michel, MD (Marseille, France)PTSD in TBI (3:15 PM)
Glynnis Zieman, MD (Phoenix, Arizona)  Domestic Violence, Aging, and TBI (3:45 PM)
Adjourn4:15 PM
Day 2 Friday, January 26, 2023
Coffee and Breakfast8:00 AM
Brad Racette, MD (Phoenix, Arizona)Parkinson’s Disease Grand Rounds For CMEs (8:30 AM)
Alexander Troster, PhD, ABPP-CN (Phoenix, Arizona)Parkinsonian Syndromes
Richard Levy, MD, PhD (Paris, France)TBD (10:00 AM)
Holly Shill, MD (Phoenix, Arizona)TBD (10:30 AM)
Alberto Espay, MDTBD (11:00 AM)
Lunch11:30 AM
Poster Session (11:30 AM)
Norwegian PostersPer Nordnes (PhD student, Arendal, Norway)
Trine Holt Edwin, PhD (Oslo, Norway)
Marian Flak, PhD (Neuropsychologist)
Hakon Hol, MD, PhD (Neuroradiologist)
Ethiopian PostersMuluken Azage Yenesew, PhD (MPH, School of Public Health)
Gizachew Yismaw Wubetu, PhD (Research Director, Public Health Institute)
Krista Hanson, PhD, ABPP-CN (Phoenix, Arizona)Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders 
Anna Burke, MD (Phoenix, Arizona)TBD (12:30 PM)
Justin Hoskin, MD (Phoenix, Arizona)Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (1:15 PM)
Parunyou Julayanont, MD (Phoenix, Arizona)AD and Atypical AD Syndromes (1:45 PM)
Bernard François Michel, MD (Marseille, France)Therapeutic Approaches
Jeffrey L. Cummings MD, ScDAlzheimer’s Disease: The Changing Therapeutic Landscape (2:15 PM)
Marwan Sabbagh, MD (Phoenix, Arizona)TBD (3:00 PM)
Joe Masdeu, MD, PhD (Houston, Texas)TBD (3:30 PM)
Adjourn4:00 PM
Evening ReceptionHeard Museum (6:00 PM)
Day 3Saturday, January 27, 2023
Coffee and Breakfast8:00 AM
Danielle Eagan, PhD, ABPP (Phoenix, Arizona)Cerebrovascular & White Matter Diseases
Christopher Filley, MD (Aurora, Colorado)TBD (8:30 AM)
Anne-Marie Ergis, PhDTBD (9:15 AM)
Travis McCuddy, PhD (Phoenix, Arizona)DTI/Neuroimaging (9:45 AM)
Gustavo C. Roman, MDTBD (10:15 AM)
Danielle Eagan, PhD, ABPP (Phoenix, Arizona)Closing Remarks (10:45 AM)
Adjourn11:00 AM

International Scientific Committee

Bernard Francois Michel, MD
Chief Medical Officer Neurologist
Military Training Hospital Laveran Marseille, France

Yonas E. Geda, MD, MSc
Vice President, Groupe de Recherche sur la maladie d’Alzheimer (GRAL)
Professor and Program Director, Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry Fellowship Program, Barrow Neurological Institute

Francois Boller, MD, PhD
Clinical Professor of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine
George Washington School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Washington DC

Nicoletta Caputi, PhD
Fellow at George Washington University and University of L’Aquila, Italy

Ann-Marie Ergis, PhD
Professor at Paris Descartes, CPSC, France

Gabor G, Kovacs, MD, PhD
Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology
University of Toronto, Canada

Bruce Price, MD
Chief, Department of Neurology, McLean Hospital, Belmont Massachusetts

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Barrow Neurological Institute campus in 3D

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