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    The summer undergraduate research program at Barrow Neurological Institute is a paid, 10-to-12-week internship program in translational neuroscience research offered to undergraduate students from all colleges and universities, nationally and internationally. Students in the program work full time in a research laboratory under the mentorship of a Barrow scientist, actively participating in groundbreaking neuroscience research using the most advanced technologies and equipment.

    Learn more: Summer Internship Program Provides Undergraduates with Real Lab Experience

    An undergraduate intern speaks with a faculty member

    An undergraduate intern on poster presentation day

    Internships are available in basic science and disease-relevant neuroscience areas, including, but not exclusive to:

    In addition to gaining hands on laboratory research experience, interns attend weekly research seminars, learn about career options in scientific fields, and present their research at the annual Barrow summer intern research symposium, either as an oral presentation or a scientific poster.

    Interns from previous years have been able to use this internship to gain co-authorships on scientific abstracts and manuscripts, enrich their graduate and medical school applications, and foster scientific collaborations and friendships throughout their future careers.

    The 2020 application is now closed. The 2021 application will open sometime in December, 2020.

    Apply Online

    Application Checklist

    You will need the following information when filling out your application. Please note that applications cannot be saved while in progress, so it is important that you have all of these items available before beginning the application process.

    • Demographic information
    • Employment eligibility
    • Educational background, including overall GPA, science and math GPA, and expected graduation date
    • A brief personal statement describing yourself, your career goals, your research interests, and your expectations of the program
    • A brief description of any previous laboratory experience
    • Up to six relevant math and science classes taken in high school. Please include AP designation, grade achieved, and semester and year taken
    • A complete list of all collegiate science and math courses taken, including honors designation, grade achieved, the semester and year when the course was taken, and in the institution at which you completed the course

    The 2020 application is now closed. The 2021 application will open sometime in December, 2020.

    Hear from Past Interns

    My internship with Barrow last summer was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only did I learn about the incredible impact that research can make on the world, but also found mentors and friends that inspired me to be the one to make that impact.
    I felt incredibly supported and encouraged throughout my internship, which motivated me to pursue my master’s degree and apply for PhDs. This internship also required me to present my finalized results, which significantly increased my confidence after receiving positive feedback and encouraged me to present at other conferences. Overall I developed valuable skills and knowledge relevant to my future career in academia and, as a student from the UK, I felt extremely comfortable while being away from home and also had the opportunity to explore Phoenix and elsewhere in Arizona!

    Read More: Summer Internship Program Provides Undergraduates with Real Lab Experience

    Important Dates

    December 2020: Applications open for 2021 internships

    January 31, 2020: Application period ends

    February 14, 2020: Review Committee selects top candidates

    March 1, 2020: Final candidates will be selected by Barrow faculty (candidates might be contacted for a brief interview)

    March 15, 2020: Finalists will be notified by email

    May 18, June 1, or June 8, 2020: First days of internship

    August 5, 2020: Barrow summer intern research symposium (all students must participate in the symposium)


    To be eligible to participate in the summer undergraduate research program at Barrow, you must:

    • Be at least 18 years old by the start date of the internship
    • Be eligible to work in the United States (if required, students will have to obtain visas and/or work authorization documents before their first day of internship)
    • Be a full-time enrolled college or university student during the time of the internship
    • Be able to work 40 hours per week during the internship period

    Application Review

    • A review committee comprised of diverse Barrow faculty selects top applicants
    • Those top applicants are then presented to all Barrow faculty, who will select the final candidates (this selection process might include an interview by phone, skype, or in person)
    • Final candidates will be contacted by email

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will Barrow provide housing?

    No. Barrow will not provide any housing for summer interns. Students will have to arrange for their own lodging and transportation to and from the institute.

    Will Barrow sponsor visas?

    No. Barrow does not sponsor any visas. Foreign students will have to work with their university’s international office to obtain a working visa for the United States.

    Are the internship dates flexible?

    While we expect the students to participate in the internship for 10-12 weeks, there will be flexibility in regards start and end dates of the program, which can be arranged between the individual student and his or her mentor. We do expect students to be present at and participate in the symposium, which is scheduled for August 5, 2020.

    How much does the internship pay, and does it include benefits?

    The internship pays $12 USD per hour. All pay is subject to state and federal taxes. No benefits are provided, as this internship is considered a temporary position.

    Will I be able to choose which Barrow faculty member is my mentor?

    You may request a specific faculty member for a mentor but it is not guaranteed that there will be an opening available in that particular laboratory.

    Can I shadow a physician during my internship?

    Unfortunately, there are no opportunities to shadow in any of our clinics as part of this internship.

    Will I be required to work on weekends?

    No. Students are not eligible to work on weekends and holidays. Students are scheduled to work eight hours per day, from Monday to Friday.

    Are working hours flexible?

    The students are scheduled to work eight hours per day and are not allowed to work unsupervised in the laboratory. Therefore, the actual working times will greatly depend on the mentor who will be directly supervising the student.

    Contact Us

    For questions about the program, please email [email protected].

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