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The Barrow Difference

The Barrow Difference – Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia Program

As an international leader in the neurosciences, we provide advanced diagnostics, world-class care, and cutting-edge research for neurological aspects of HHT, including brain arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). To treat other parts of the body affected by HHT, we have teamed up with experts across the Dignity Health system and formed the comprehensive Barrow HHT Program.

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Team Approach

Because HHT (hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia) can affect multiple organs, individuals with HHT often need to see a variety of specialists in short succession. The Barrow HHT Program takes a team approach to managing this condition, providing patients with the full spectrum of HHT care within a one-mile radius. Not only does this reduce commuting time for patients, but it provides them with seamless and integrated care. 

HHT Center of Excellence

The Barrow HHT Program is the only HHT Center of Excellence recognized by Cure HHT in the state of Arizona and one of only three in the Mountain West region.

Cure HHT—the nation’s leading advocacy organization for the disease—recognizes centers equipped with the personnel, expertise, commitment, and resources to provide comprehensive evaluation, treatment, and education to individuals with HHT and their families. 

Neurosurgical Expertise

AVMs are highly complex lesions, and their recurrent nature in HHT can make them difficult to manage. Our vascular neurosurgeons see a high volume of patients with AVMs, some of whom travel across the globe to have surgery at Barrow. Because of this, Barrow neurosurgeons have amassed the expertise to treat even the most challenging AVMs in the brain and spinal cord.

Expertise in ENT Surgery

Nosebleeds occur in approximately 90 percent of adults with HHT. Not only can epistaxis be bothersome and inconvenient, but it can lead to iron deficiency and anemia and even become life-threatening in severe cases. The ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists in the Department of ENT and Skull Base Surgery at Barrow can help alleviate recurrent nosebleeds and improve your quality of life. 

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Barrow is recognized HHT Center of Excellence by Cure HHT
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Active in HHT Research

At Barrow, we perform both clinical and laboratory research in an effort to better understand and treat HHT and related AVMs. The Oh Laboratory focuses specifically on HHT, studying the molecular and cellular processes that lead to the formation of AVMs and then using those models to assess potential therapies in the laboratory setting.

Barrow is also collaborating with the National Institutes of Health, and the Brain Vascular Malformation Consortium funded by the NIH, to learn more about the disease and to develop new therapies.