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From the Office of the President and CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Our national and international meetings are cancelled; local Grand Rounds and teaching conferences are cancelled; and elective neurosurgical cases are cancelled. As responsible neurosurgeons, it is our duty to serve the greatest good by social distancing, staying in place, and increasing our hospitals’ capacity for COVID-19 patients. But, just as these measures are crippling our economy, they are restricting neurosurgical education and leaving neurosurgeons idle and restless. We continue to do emergent and urgent operations, but after that, how many daily crisis briefings and episodes of “Tiger King” can you watch?

Neurosurgical learning must go on, pandemic or not, which is why I am pleased to launch COVIDeos-19: Survival Kit for Neurosurgical Quarantine. This offering is a series of surgical videos performed at Barrow Neurological Institute, packaged as case studies with accompanying histories, imaging studies, illustrations from our NeuroPubs animation studio, and narrations by me. These videos will give you a regular dose of operative neurosurgery during whatever self-isolation might be imposed. Why sit on your hands when microsurgical videos can help you improve them?

Episodes of COVIDeos-19 will launch on my Twitter account, which you can follow @MTLawton. The first one, Extended Retrosigmoid Craniotomy for PICA-AICA Bypass and AICA Aneurysm Trapping/Thrombectomy, is live today. I hope these videos will help you keep your technical edge and keep you thinking about the art of microneurosurgery as we all get through this pandemic and survive this neurosurgical quarantine.

Michael T. Lawton, MD
President and CEO
Barrow Neurological Institute